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Seeking video ideas for 2009


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I have been using video for two years now. I have used actual Christmas music videos with some Demented Elf voiceovers between songs with just animated backgrounds, tune to messages, etc.

At this point I am thinking about going one of two ways. If I do go with animation, the DJ type character is really what fits well... I hate to copy and MikeZ did come up with his DJ Jingles character first, but what's a guy to do..


If I do go the animation direction I know my limits. I'm creative, but just no good with that sort of thing, so I will script it completely and prepare the audio track then hire an animator from elance.com or somewhere similar to create the video.

My second idea, to make it a little more personal, is to get myself and some friends involved and do some video vignettes to go between songs.

One I want to do is a takeoff on David Lee Roth's Just a Gigolo video with the DaveTV beginning section... put together a set like the one in the video but with Christmas decorations, then dress up as Santa or an Elf or just myself and play the part of Dave myself... then have friends play the people on the set... could be fun..

Here's a version a Van Halen cover band did... along these lines but with a Christmas Twist..

Then maybe recreate a couple of scenes from Christmas Vacation... could be a lot of fun and add a real personal twist to my display...

Definitely want to do this one:

Would love to do the one with Eddie emptying the rv crapper...but probably no way that would fly.

Can anyone else think of some little video scenes that could be filmed without elaborate sets? Maybe based on Christmas movies that people would recognize?
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A Christmas Story has several scenes that would make good "skits" for you.

The scene with the tongue becoming stuck to the flag pole; Ralphie and his Red Ryder rifle; and if you have a "leg lamp" that would make a good one.

Or a takeoff on "A Charlie Brown Christmas" using yourself and others as the characters.

You could find a Bumble costume and do a form of lost toys rendition.

Just tossing things out there for you.


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If I understand you, the main thing you're looking for are things/ideas that require minimal sets? You can still have crazy elaborate sets with minimal effort and cost if you go to green screens. Then your set vcan be nothing more than a JPEG.

As for ideas that require few props, locations, ets etc, - then the way you make it visually interesting is by editing with various angles, simple f/x (black and white, polarized, etc), fast cuts and so on. I personally don't care for the way many interview shows do a secondary shot of the camera plus interviewee in black and white that shows the main camera and interviewer but unfortunately that's the kind of visual "enhancements" and trickery prople use now to make things more "exciting".

Can anyone else remember the day when the food in commercials didn't jump all over the place or pop out at the viewer?

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