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Motion simulator and LOR

Paul B. Anderson

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I have built a simulator (single seat) using actuators from Firgelli Automation; for now I have it working by joystick for forward, back, left and right. Because it is by joystick, the element of suprize is lacking.

I am looking to build another type called the Joyrider; it is mainly a flight sim, but I think it would work well.

First question, these are DC actuators, and I have a separate power supply for them. - I should be able to control them through LOR using relays, right? Just have a 4 channel sequence - up, down, left right....

Second question, somewhere on this board I saw something about synchronizing with a video display, I cannot find it, could someone direct me...?

Ultimately, I would like to synchronize some motion ride videos that I have, using LOR to control the motion.

I have researched motion platforms and the cost is TREMENDOUS!! ($10 - $15,000!!)

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Thanx for the info, Denny. I think the CMB16D controller would work well, I was trying to not have to buy another controller - but I probably will anyway.

I'll play around with the video synch in the mean time, they are in field sequencial 3D format, don't know if they will work correcly on the PC w/out having a 3D graphics card. They are designed to use with a crt tv.

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