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Santabillyboogie is just way too cool. You have so many elements that are interesting, my favorite being the silly singers you made last year and kept this year.

I know, you spent way more time on the featured mega tree than the singers, but hey, I like them because they are different.

And here is another thought. I think you should buy the lots on both sides of your property so you can have some room to expand your display.

Then you could spend more money and more time, enjoy life less and programming more. Although, you might have to change your slogan from "I am not the biggest or the best but I sure have a lot of fun" to maybe

"I am not the biggest (or I am?) or the best (maybe I will win the contest this year) but I sure am sore from all of this work."

Think about it!


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If you google White Christmas The Drifters you will see a cartoon of these characters. I have had the good fortune to communicate with the designer of the cartoon. He really liked the guys. I will give him credit when I update the web site in a week or so. They will be back next year as they are perfect for Boogie Woogie stuff and people seem to like them.

Thanks for the good comments.

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They are wire frames and of course they are plugged into a controller and the wires are attached to the roof vent. But mostly they are steel.

Thanks for the good words. I may be making custom frames in the near future so stay tuned.

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That is one awesome display. The group chases are great. I'm assuming that since your interests say wire frames that the characters are all wire frames and not coro. I want to make some characters for next year, but I'll have to do mine with coro. I did White Christmas with a blowmold Santa face and some snowmen, but it just wasn't the same. You are one talented guy. Thanks for sharing. :cool:


Just checked your website. Looks like you do use some coro. Looks great.

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