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Firmware update listing?


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I have 10 of the LOR controllers (1- 1602W, 1- CTB16PC, 8- CTB16KDWHS).

I have all of them updated to firmware level 4.20 at this time. I have not had any problems with them at all.

I am also running LOR software version 2.1.6.

I want to run some DMX fixtures next year and I see that the update for version 2.1.6 included a firmware update to 4.30.

I wanted to know if it is necessary to update my controllers to 4.30 or more specifically what are the "fixes" that this update has?

Is there a listing of the various firmware updates that shows what fixes are incorporated into each update?

Thanks for a great product.


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Version 4.3.0 gives you the twinkle fade and shimmer fade ability.

4.2.0 added DMX capabiltiy to the LOR controllers. Allowing you to put your LOR controllers on a DMX system.


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I reprogrammed a couple of songs this season using 2.1.6 after the display was up and running using the new effects. It didn't work until I upgraded to 4.3 firmware. Then everything was great.

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