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Solutions to operating a hybrid DIY/LOR display


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I'm in the middle of planning out the basics of my 2009 display and was wondering if there are any solutions to using LOR boards and DIY controllers simultaneously.

Since 2005 and up to 2007 I had been using DIY Olsen 595 controllers with the Vixen sequencer and then in 2008 I switched exclusively to LOR S2 and the CTB16PC controllers. This year I want to be able to use the LOR boards I purchased previously in conjunction with the Olsen 595 controllers currently collecting dust together without having to run two separate programs with their own schedules (this would be a nightmare to keep in time with each other). This hybrid method of computer control I feel is more appropriate for my display as I can run low voltage lights (24v) that can't be dimmed through the Olsen 595 controllers and run the other lights through LOR boards at mains voltage (240v).

The only option that I am aware of that addresses the issue the closest is to configure the CTB16PC boards to run in a DMX environment and then drop the LOR S2 software for Vixen (with the Olsen 595 and DMX plug-ins enabled). This would require a costly USB-DMX controller and then a DMX-LOR adapter.

Are there any plans for the LOR S2 software to support the Olsen 595 protocol before October 2009 (would like to have all sequencing done before then)?

If not, are there any plans to allow other programs (such as Vixen) to access the LOR S2 files/use the LOR protocol on a computer that has a licenced copy of LOR S2 thereby removing the DMX necessity?

Thanks :)

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One option is to get a DIO card that works with LOR.
The 595 boards can't be used, but the SSRs can attach to the DIO card outputs (this is what JeffM and I do in our display)

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