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Trouble with my Show Editor


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Hi again...

I work with my Show Editor and i think it was Ok.
I Open shedule editor and I Add a Show. Whwn the Shedule is Ok, I clic on "Save" button and the message is "Unable to save a shedule"

What is my problem????

Thank'sfor Help,

Stéphane :(

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I've done + upgrading to Windows Vista and I think it works but, I have a little problem: I can save him but when I clic on "anebla show" it says the message attached.



Attached files 168311=9689-Capturer2.JPG

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That error seems to indicate that there is an issue with communications. I would check the following:

1. Communication cable connected to PC.

2. You have set up the correct COM port for the LOR controller. It looks like the software is trying to communicate over COM1

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