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High Country Lights

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Guest wbottomley

Here's my website: www.highcountrylights.com

I have 2008 picture gallery posted and watch the display "Live."

Sometimes the lights will have a huge surge and cause my dsl modem to freak out and have to reconnect to my isp provider.

2008 video, coming soon, will include Deck the halls--Manhiem Steamroller, Hippo for Christmas, and Winter wonderland. I might include another new one I'm working on now.


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Guest wbottomley

Erik wrote:

All I can say is WOW!

How many strobe lights do you have? Wondering how many it will take to cover the park next year.

I have nearly 80 strobes this year.

You only see about 45 in the webcam.

It depends how big the park is.

All others... thank you for the compliments. I had planned it to be much better but time caught up with me as usual.
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