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South East Conference: May 09: TN,AL,GA,FL,SC,NC, etc.


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Contact Chris Brooks. I'll find a location that all can make. I'd like input on topics, etc. May 2009 will give us time to study. I need a few details what to prepare of what we all need for a conference. ;)

PS. I'm new at this and see the potential of it's use.

Chris Brooks

6807 Houston Rd.

Macon Ga. 31216



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Actually yes, it was not set in stone...just a ball park date and time. Let's get some feed back to all interested and go from there.

I really need to speak with someone that is using the product that can let me know what type conference room/location and if I need projector's, etc.

Thanks for the reply.

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Chris D. Brooks wrote:

Also, where is the location end-of-month that is being help you mentioned?

That would be in New Orleans, Memorial Day weekend.
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