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DC-MP3 controlling x10 Devices

Brian Rees

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Hello, This is my first year using the lights o Rama. So far, everything is looking good. I have the CTB-16D being controlled with the Director Card (DC-MP3 )

My final obstacle is to turn on / off my 'automatic' pole light. I considered purchasing a x10 wall switch and having LOR turn it off before the show and then back on after the show. (My township gets a bit upset when those poles are off)

Can the Director card control the x10 wall switch? My computer would not be controlling the X10 device. Would that cause an issue?

What would I need besides the Wall switch?


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The DC-MP3 will not control X10. In order to utilize X10 devices, you need a CM11A interface connected to a serial port (or USB to serial adapter) on the computer running the show. You can pick one up for less than $20 on Ebay or other sites like this: http://www.thehomeautomationstore.com/cm11a.html


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