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Simple Show Builder Silent Animation


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I'm trying to setup up the one song I have to run once every half hour, with a "filler animation" in the interim. For my first attempt I was planning to use the Simple Show Builder, but I must be missing something... When I get to the schedule page, I can set the days and times. I pick "once every half hour" and the 'between shows' box appears. I pick "Run a Silent Animation" and then nothing more appears. How do I tell it *which* silent animation to run? Or it it just some build-in thing where it cycles channels?

Trying to write the show to an SD card for my DCMP3. Running the just released version of the software.

After this head scratcher, I decided to try to use the Hardware utility instead, but got various file errors. But I'll save that for another post.

Thanks for the help.


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The Simple Show Builder does not allow you to choose the animation filler, it puts in its own. If you want to use your own then you can still use the Simple Show Builder but then when you are finished, go into the Show Editor, and edit the Simple Show Builder shows and change the filler sequence with your own. There may be 2 different SimpleShowBuilder shows and you will need to change them both.

As far as errors with the Hardware Utility. Legacy code in the hardware utility required that there be a LOR adapter (or at least a valid com port) on the PC even when it did not need one. If you attempted to create a SD card without a valid com port (which was not used for anything!) then you got an error. The work around is to plug in you LOR USB adapter however it has been changed in the latest verstion of the code.

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