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RDS Setup


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For those who are unfamiliar with Batch files this will setup a Batch file in LorII for you automatically and it will add a new folder with the text file called RDSdata.txt in your My Documents Light-O-Rama folder where your sequencer and audio files are. All you have to do after is instruct your RDS encoder to use this file and the Batch file will update the text automatically. To use it in LORII all you have to do is go to Edit and click on "Windows Command" and type rds.bat and the text you want to display on the Radio Example: (rds.bat Wizards In Winter - TSO)

This is based on Steven's Batch file settings since it is pretty straight forward for most people to use.The disadvantage to this setup is you can not change the info while the show is running.

I will post another file shortly for those who would prefer using separate text files using the XCOPY command. The advantage to this is you can change the text info while the show is running for any given sequence.

Attached files RDSCMD.zip

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