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Looking for Rudolph and Santa's Coming to Town

Cathy D.

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Looking for sequences for traditional renditions of Ruldoph and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. By traditional I mean the ones w/words and sung by "regular" artists. (No Springstein, etc.). The ones heard on TV. Hopefully easy to find music. Need this for kids party. Have 64 channels but this is my first year so I'll take whatever. Thanks,


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From One Buckeye to another.

Happy Holidays.

I live in Wyandot County.

If you do no t mind I would like to see the audio files also.

Always looking to see how others do their sequences.


Harbs rharbour@woh.rr.com

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here's a class your going to want to remeber. first you can not send a mp3 on this forum are any other forums to share. but here's how we share.

go to your control panel.- click on folder options.- scrow down till you see hidden file folders. in the hidden file folder, scrow down 3 line and UNCHECK hide extensions for know file type...

now when a member post, change the lms to mp3.
you download it.

right click on the downloaded file and rename, go to the end and change the lms to mp3-(a popup will appear) if you change a file name blaa blaa blaa. click yes

you will now have the audio.
lets see if you paid attension.

change lms to mp3

if you get this, you passed;)

Attached files Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - Burl Ives.lms

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Thank you Evana. Merry Christmas.

And it is Gene Autry. I have the Burl Ives version if one needs it. I also have a different Gene Autry recording. The sound is a little fuller.

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