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Okay, hello all. New to the boards, but 3rd year LOR user. Finaly have the software up and running. Well the house sits on a square acre so we go from one end to the other.

We have a ton of lights but we refuse to count em. We have a ton of blow ups but I don't know how many (none on the LOR)

We have 102 dalmations, 20 wired reindeer, and ton of blown plastic. Our house has been a Broward's top 10 for some 10 years. I know this seems arrogant, but I swear I could care less about fame. My family and I are heavily into the Kiwanis and Key clubs in our town. My wife teaches ASL at the local high school so we are constantly supporting various charities through out the year. In other words, we do it to give to others. It's just in our blood. I love to see the young and old faces as they walk or drive by. They always ask, how long, how much, how many? I always reply I don't know and don't care, and no it's not hard work, it's challenging play!

Good luck to all this season.


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I love your description...do you mind if I use it?

mikey wrote:

...it's not hard work, it's challenging play!
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