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Newbie with power question


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I plan on getting 4-5 controllers for next year. Question I have is I don't want to run a sub panel yet.
My main feed (outside) is 125amp
That feeds to my breaker box in garage
There are no open breakers to tap into.
All breakers except Range, AC, and drier are 20Amp

During shows I will not be using Dishwasher Ect. Only running 3 or so lights around the house and TV in the living room. Heater is Gas. So is hot water.

Can I just run cords to the Dishwasher plug, washing machine plug, and all the others that have there own breaker?

Will have about 25K lights .034 amp 100 string from lowes.

Should be 85 amps all on at once. I was going to try the 2amps for channels 1-7 and 1 amp for channel 8 and so on. Using 2 plugs for the controller.

Thanks for the help

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Most washing machines, and Dishwashers don't use a common outlet, and there is only one of them. So no you can not use those outlets for LOR because they normally use a special outlet. I know dryers and so do washers. LOR has 2 male plugs per controller, one for each side. If your total controller load is under 15 amps. Then you could plug both sides in one outlet rate for 15 amps granted nothing is is drawing from that same circuit that might trip it.

So with 4-5 controllers you will have 8-10 plugs.

Not knowing what your controller load will be so assuming you loads are under 15 amps since you say your breakers are 15 amps then we will go with that. You will need at least 5 outlets with nothing else on them to run 5 controllers under 15 amps.

Check out the quatzhill christmas controller load spread sheet, configure your light inventory and controllers at the bottom and it will help you determine roughtly what your controller load will be and what your electrical needs will be....


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