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Show setup problem


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I have 96 channels LOR units around the house. I tried to build a show so it can run from 5pm to 11pm everday.

I want it to do this:

  • 5pm the lights quick fade on and stay on for 55 mins
  • All lights fade to dark for 5 mins
  • play the wizzards of winter sequence
  • then play TSO - Deck the halls (still working on this sequence)
  • then play 'Christmas vaction' sequence
  • All lights fade back on
  • Repeat every hour until 11pm

I tried to build a show once with the simple show builder and the show editor and I don't think I quite got it right because the lights does this:

quick fades on for a while then all lights shuts off.

However if I go in manual mode and play the musical sequence with the LOR sequence editor, it all works fine as it should.

Can anyone help me on this?

Would uploading the show builder file for review help?

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There's a bug in version 2.0.16 which might be the cause of this:

If any of your sequences have any channel defined as being device type "Light-O-Rama controller", but don't have a unit ID set, the sequence will play fine in the Sequence Editor, but won't play (or will stop playing) in the Show Player.

If this is actually the cause of the problem you're having, there are three different ways to fix it:

(1) Set such channels to device type "none" instead of device type "Light-O-Rama controller"; or

(2) Set such channels so that they have a unit ID; or

(3) Upgrade to version 2.1.2.

If this doesn't seem to be the cause of the problem you're having, please let us know. Thanks.

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