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I have spent quite a bit of time troubleshooting issues related to missing show information or missing sequences. Most of the problems have to do with how I choose to organize my sequences but the problem was made worse by the fact that I run the show on a Win 2K machine where the default folder for LOR is c:My DocumentsLight-O-Rama and I sequence on an XP machine where the default folder is c:Documents and SettingsMy DocumentsLight-O-Rama. The tools for building shows and schedules stores the complete path in the respecitve files so they cannot transfer from machine to machine and work properly.

I am aware the location problem can be taken care of with a change to the registry.

I have hacked together a .BAT file that will read weeksched, validate the existence of the Show file(s), read the show files and validate the existence of the sequence files. I am by no means an expert in using the language so it is very ugly but it does the job for me.

The attached ZIP file has two files in it. The first file is the .BAT file that does the work and a Windows version of awk (called gawk) that does some of the work that I needed done and could not figure out how to do it using DOS. Unless you understand Windows paths, the easiest way to do this is to copy the .zip file to c: and unzip it there.

To run the utility, click on Start --> Run and type in CMD. Assuming you saved the files in the root of c: you will need to type in CD .. a couple of times to get the command prompt to say c:/> Then type in:

SchedCheck > SchedCheck.txt

This will create a file called SchedCheck.txt in the c: folder. Once the analysis is complete you can open the .txt file that you created with notepad or another text editor.

It has the following limitations:
1. It does not work on WIN98 - It uses some DOS extensions that are not on 98.
2. It does not handle tne & character as a portion of the file name - The utility will replace the & with verbage stating that the ampersand was replaced and display an eroneous message saying the Show/Sequence is missing. There are probably others it will not handle either.
3. It has only been tested on Win 2K and Win XP.
4. It comes with absolutely zero support.

Attached files SchedCheck.zip

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Here is an improved/simplified version:

This one can be unzipped and then double-click on the SchedCheck,bat file. The script has been modified to send the output to a file named SchedCheck.txt in the same folder. Double click on the .txt file when the script completes and examine the results.

Attached files SchedCheck.zip

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