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Thank You LOR Community!


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Hi Everyone,

Last night we did our first full length test, and it was awesome! As many have said before, words cannot express the feeling you get when the lights and music start for the first time! Of course, during the second half of the show, the weather changed, and freezing rain started to fall. But we just cranked up the defroster in the car and continued to watch to the show.

To everyone that has posted questions, and presented input, ideas and answers to us ‘newbies’, thank you! Light-O-Rama has a great member base; I could not have done it without your help!

Our first show starts Saturday, Dec. 6th @ 7pm, and I cannot wait to see the response of my family and friends that are expected to arrive that evening.

I will post links to the videos, once we get them together!

Thanks again LOR Community!!!

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