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Download issues

Dan Ancona

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I've been attempting all night to download a sequence into a 16 channel controller (kit blue board). Here is what happens:

power up the board, connect the Cat5, open Hardware, refresh, finds unit, test a couple of channels, open sequence, hit download -- now is when the problems start; system will retry several times - from 8 - 15 and error our. changed Cat5 twice. When the download takes. Close Hardware utility, remove Cat5, LED light blinks. So far sounds good. (?) power down the unit, plug back in. LEC blinks fast. I believe this means the unit it resetting itself. I tried different Cat5's, manual reset, installed the jumber on JO2, set the unit manually, all to no avail. Now the unit will not accept the download at all. The file is 16K bytes. I believe 30K is acceptable. I'm really stumped. Two seperate controllers seem to work fine - one 8 other 16.

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