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Have a few videos up


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Have a few videos up on website, this is our 2nd year show. Thanks to a few borrowed files, and some we done ourselves. We have managed to get our show off to a role. Neighbors even pitched in to help as I had gotten down sick, which put me a week behind in finishing show. Anyway, more and better videos to come.

30,000 +/- lights 64 controls. Direct link to videos



Just noticed youtube.com appears to be having trouble, went to upload another video and cannot connect. Imagine that. :D I guess they have gotten busy for some reason.

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You can still view the videos I have on, but I have also started a video 2008 section, because I am switching my videos to vimeo, and have change the resolution a bit. Hopefully they are a bit clearer now.

Thanks to those who have viewed.

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