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Channels not behaving as they should


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Last week while fine tuning my show, 256 Channels I lost one board completely, (Dan is on the case at the moment, Thanks Dan). I changed a few things, deleted others, to accomodate the loss of the 16 channels.

The problem I have now is that, at least 4 channels, not even on the same controller, play the timing of other channels, at times, ie in one arch of 7 controllers, segment 2, when it should be off, plays the beat of another channel, but when required to jump from one end to the other end, OK, when that stops, all the segments are off, section 2 will start playing the beat again.

I have been reading the forums, but nothing quite like I am having probs with.

A couple of things to put you in the picture..

Only 1 track used

5 Songs upgraded from last year, LOR1, converted to LOR2, few changes made to add the extra chanels, plus changing the channel config for the loss.

3 new songs programmed in LOR2.

Used the Channel property to export/import channel config.

ALL THE CHANNEL ID's have been triple checked, NO duplicates.

There are 230 chanels at the moment.

Do all the Controllers need to be in sequentual order, as I have unplugged Contoller 6 from the network.

Does changing the Channel ID' numerous amount of time leave things behind.

Do I need to reset the controllers, if so, how, CTB16PC's are what I am using.

The same fault has occured since Saturday, each day I have been checking all avenues, CAT5 cable, right leads are in the correct socket.

Today, I have renumbered the controller'S, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0A,0B,0C,0D,0E,0F, still same problem tonight.

Any ideas, or trouble shooting would be of great help.


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Brian Mitchell

I would try resetting the controllers. Yes, I know it's a pain, especially with so many boxes.

To reset. unplug controller
remove jumper JO from pins in upper right of the board.
plug in controller 10 seconds
unplug controller
replace jumper

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Since this post I have had a little more trouble, but on Thursday, It ALL went OK.

For anyone interested the problems and results I had.......

First up I live in Australia, were we have 240 volts, which all my Controllers are 240 AC. I made up 256 extention cords, made up boxes to house them in, for easy access to plug and plug in the Transformers and extention cords.

I also had 4 metal boxes, holding 4 boards each to house the boards in, due to the Hi Voltage, heat etc, all Earthed. Safety.

Last year everything went OK, (Couple channels stayed on, but went excellent).

This year I purchased another 4 boards.

As mentioned above I lost one board.

I will try to make the rest of the post as short as I can.

First up, thanks to all the people on the forums, who helped me via the "Search" button, plus who replied.

The things that went not to plan

The board, now wortks, I reset the jumper for the ID, started to work a few dasys later works Ok

I moved the channels around for the first week, Reset all the controllers ID, things did not play in the right order, Check, and checked cords, eventually found 2 that had crossed extenders, 240 plus channels to check. The board I made had a series of cords numbered the opposite way. Doh.

Due to the change of chanel confiuration, some channels still not playing right.

Problem was channels were doubled up, Used the "Channel Utility" then opened up in Excel, sorted the channels, found the duplicates, 240 channels, took time (Search Button does great things)

ALL now play when they should.

The fuse kept tripping, day 4, seems that the plug from the board not working, was touching the metal case. Now working.

Rained day 6, 2 songs would trip the fuse. Problem even though all extention cords were covered rain still got in, now fixed.

Some channels stayed on or either started working half our later, chaged to different channels, now OK.

I have 8 channels that stay on, which are not used.

In the end I was getting frustrated, but stuck it out, Thursday. when It all worked, the feeling was great.:D:D:D

Hopefully, this may help others, the "SEARCH" button really does help.

Thanks All and Wish you and your families a great Christmas and New Year.


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