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Programing 2 or 3 ac controller's on same prop

marty h

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Happy Friday 

So Im thinking about building a larger tree with 360* lights.  Probably end up with 32 or 48 differents strings around the tree top to bottom.   If I use 2 or 3 different AC controllers what does that look like in programing to say make the lights spiral around the tree for example?

I know each AC controllers has to have a different unit id.  So say unit id 1 channel 1-16 next controller unit id 2 1-16 and then units id 3 1-16.

Any help or suggestions appreciated. 


Marty H

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There is noting special required to have more than one controller involved.  Just have to assign the channels in the software to match the actual hardware.

For example, if you have 48 channels - just think about it as 48 channels.  Whether it's three 16 channel controllers; or one 24 channel controller, one 16 channel controller, and one 8 channel controller; or six 8 channel controllers makes absolutely zero difference from a sequencing standpoint.  The only part that matters is having the unit ID and channel assignments match reality in the Preview.


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That's pretty much it. The first thing is to create the prop the way you want it with all the strings. Then you can go back and assign UIds and channels, just the way you mention. The prop doesn't care what it's assigned to as long as there are no conflicts. In the sequencer, ALL the rows will show together as the group, I would suggest that you may want to create a second view with only that prop as it could complicate what you see while you are programming that one prop. You may not be able to fit all the rows on one screen without making them so small that it's hard to see.

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