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First year fun!


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This is our first year with an animated display. It's really exciting to get it all setup and working. Still trying to sequence a couple more songs so it lasts just a little bit longer.

We started of big with 48 channels and nearly 8000 lights.

Here's our site where we'll post more pictures and info as we get them done.

If you're in the Fredericksburg Virginia area, give us a visit!

Howard & Paula

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So, I told my wife I wanted to do a Christmas light display...

Here's some of the results! Merry Christmas

THX Intro:

Linus & Lucy:

I Believe in Santa Claus (Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers):

White Christmas (Frank Sinatra)

The project was started 11/3/2008. We turned on the show 12/5/2008.

We sequenced 8 songs plus the intro. We ended up with 8000 lights, 3 x 16 channel LOR Controllers (48 channels), 1 x 6 pointed start built from scratch, lots of bows, 4 sets of bells modified to have lights in them, an animated Santa Claus dancing and a couple other decorations. I almost forgot, we now have an extraneous supply of extension cords!

For the holidays we are accepting non-perishable/non-breakable food donations for the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank.

Hope everyone enjoys our show. We will post more videos as we get them completed.

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