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Can't find sequence

Calhoun lights

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Going to be a long post, sorry. I am using 4.2.12 for year round landscape lighting. This year when i went to load the Christmas sequence the "show editor" told me it could not save a show.I think is is the result of another problem with where the LOR files are located. When i start the sequence editor I get screen shot 8 and if I say OK and try to open an existing sequence screen shot 9 appears. If I going looking for the LOR file it can be found at screen shot 10. I have removed and reinstalled LOR a couple of times from various resources. I"m not sure where the LOR file should be located at, but its not working now. Thanks for any help


Screenshot (8).png

Screenshot (9).png

Screenshot (10).png

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Look in the Program Files (x86) \ Light-O-Rama directory.  There is a program called LORPost.exe.  That is the program that is used to set the root of the LOR directory structure.  Make sure you know where the LOR files are actually located and then run that program to set that actual location.


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