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S6 Controller Assignment Issue


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My display started with a TSO RGBPlus package with modification privileges and a mix of about 15 AC and DC controllers run by an N4-G4-MP3 Director. The controllers are all new gens although not necessarily the latest firmware. The base package worked as expected but I needed more RGB Flood channels. Using PRO level S6 software, I moved the Strobe Light channels from address 06-XX to 05-01 thru 04 and then used address 6 for my new RGB Flood channels. When I was done, the display worked except for address 6. The RGB Floods didn't do anything. The card reported a good network connection and all of my checking on the cables yielded no discoveries.

First, I double checked hardware and wiring - nothing. The I compared the configuration elements for address 06 channels with others that worked (mostly address 07 and 08) - nothing that I could see.

I created a simple Animation sequence using only address 06 and executed it with the entire network connected.  This worked, indicating to me that the physical connections were as they should be. Back to the modified version and address 6 still didn't do anything.

As a newbie to S6, I am pretty sure this is a setting that I am not getting right. Any ideas?

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What all is on Network 6 and what Aux is your Network 6?

RGB Plus sequences already have a dedicated NW for floods and it should have been simple process to add more.



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Sorry, my terminology may not be perfect. I only use one network - the first one on the N4-G4-MP3 (Regular). I have a CMB24D at address 06 on that network.

I also have CMB24Ds on address 07 and 08. They are working fine. These were part of the original RGBPlus configuration. I'm trying to figure our what configuration item they have that I don't.


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Return the Strobes back to Unit ID06 - and use Unit ID05 and Define the New Dumb RGB Floods (as it is Unassigned in the LOR RGBPlus Preview)

As three things come into play here - 1) The Prop Tag & 2) The PropClass ID in the Preview & 3) AC to RGB

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