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Lights working in preview but not working correctly in actual lights


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This is our first year using the preview on LightoRama. We created the props and assigned the channels. When we did our Mega Tree, It created it as a bundle. Its not a pixel tree, it is regular LED lights. It has two colors - white and blue - it shows the white channels and blue channels correctly with the controller and channels correctly. When I run the preview the tree runs correctly but when I run the show in our yard the tree doesn't do what it is supposed to do. Any guesses as to why it works in the preview and not in the yard? The controller is correct in the yard and has 16 channels so it should work.  It does come on some so I know its pickup up the controller it just doesn't run the lights like they are supposed to and sometimes they are off when they should be on.

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Almost universally when something like this happens it is because the actual lighting controllers / lights do not match the Preview.  Oops, that was an S5 / S6 answer - then I looked and realize that you are using S3.

Double / triple check the connections to make sure they match the setup in the Sequence Editor.


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