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Remove motion effects rows


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 upgraded  to pro  so my pixi16 would work. But Did create  a new problem with the motion  effects.  How do i get the chanels back in the sequencer. The sequenceer changed everything  to motion  effects  and im trying  to convert  old sequences to new preview  but the motion effects  preventing  me from pasting sequince  onto the channels

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Don misunderstand the question.

As you indicate, motion effect rows can be copy/pasted into motion effect rows, but channel level sequencing cannot be pasted into motion effect rows.

Channel level sequencing must be pasted into channel level rows.

To get channel level rows to appear, right click on the prop and the bottom option should be "enable channel level on pixel prop"

After selecting "enable channel level on pixel prop", when you expand the prop you will see a line for "Channels". You can now paste channel level sequencing into that row 


Note that if you right click on a group, "enable channel level on pixel prop" will not be an option. The option only appears for props.

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