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First Show Was a Success - Thanks to All That Helped This Newbie!!!


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Sure takes a lot to work out the kinks at first....more than just placement & whoever somewhere on this forum that said you will need zipties...lots & lots of them was exactly right! Built PVC stand for the Holiday Coro Singing Monsters, where the legs aren't glued for easier storage, & also a PVC "trellis" for the Gilbert Eng spiders. Not on social media & no way to post video but here's a couple of pix. Some props were bought & others I made myself. White blob in the upper left window is a neon waving skeleton light. I have a very good digital camera but just no good with night shots & white especially blurs. Everything in person was very clear.

String lights in my yews were static & from Ace Hardware & are garbage (Celebrations brand)...lucky if you get 1 year out of them. I previously asked them before (told me they only had Christmas multi) but if anyone has any connections with Holiday Light Express, sure would like to see orange, green purple for Halloween. Also had suggested red, white & blue. Guess the demand isn't there.




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I will add that my original purchase was the TSO Package & saw the Aux cable in the enclosure. I have an Altec Lansing Life Jacket Waterproof speaker that has an Aux & when I plugged it in, the lights on my transmitter went out so I thought it was either or but my neighbor was listening in his house & said was getting music inside no problem so they do work in tandem. Have a 2nd speaker than can be paired with it as well, although 1 was plenty loud enough. Bought at Meijer (of all places) on Black Friday about 5-6 years ago & they still carry them.

Will also add that Sister, who is on Fakebook, posted a couple of videos & I had 13 likes in 1 minute & around 75 by the next day. I was happy! Only big problem was I had snow squalls, temps close to freezing with wind chills in the 20's. Sister came over Friday after when it was in the 50's.

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