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Preview in S5/S6 on separate monitor


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in S4 I had two 27  Inch monitors, one for the sequencer, one for the visualiser. Perfect setup in my opinion.

I am still figuring out how I can get the same in s5/s6. What do I not see that is obvious?

best regards


The Netherlands

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2 hours ago, Trickyd said:

Good morning, 


learned something, thank you.



So did I. I went looking at it for the answer. 

FWIW This is a typical 'un-docking' routine on Windows and Linux for things with sub windows that have 'title bars'

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you can also drag the preview window out with your mouse by clicking where it says Playback stopped === .   

Once out, it will stay separate. If you ever have trouble with finding it (it happens), under Window menu, select Reset Window Layout to pit it back in the main window. 

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