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Can I Change a Unit ID & Circut on a Prop (Edit) Without Making a New Sequence?

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First, I'm all LED & 5.6.8 Pro with controllers from LOR bought within the last 2 years. Tried finding an answer but the more I read, the more I think I'm making this harder than it seems.

Finally have a few sequences done (except for singing parts since I need more time to practice) & checked the 1 I was working on for any open Units/Circuits since I forgot a bat prop. When I made my preview, I just started adding props & assigning ID/circuits not thinking of where my controllers would be located. I just noticed that my 5 spiders that will be on 1 side of the house/drive is assigned to a controller that will be on the complete opposite side of my house. The controller I want them on has 10 open IDs/circuits. Can I just change the IDs/circuits within the Prop Definition while in the sequence & save?

Thx much! Joni

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Open the Sequencer (but not the sequence) and then edit the Preview. (Using the Preview tab that by default is on the right side of the screen, going down the site.)

Then when you open the sequence it will let you know that the Preview has been changed, and what's changed. Just accept the changes, and you're done.

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