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Any Hardware Updates Coming to Pixcon16?


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Will there be a newer/improved version of the Pixcon16 with more pixel capabilities? Currently it only supports 384/output which is a far cry from a competitor's card that supplies 1024/output. I'd rather stay with LOR products but to be upfront, I do have an SanDevices, Alphapix and JoshuaSystems, controllers too, along with my two Pixcon16's. I find the Pixcon16's are very easy to work with therefore my preference for them over the others. I just need more pixels/output!!!

I've got a 24x50 matrix which I'd like to increase to 24x300 pixel strips but no way can I use a pixcon16. Yes, I could use multiple pixcons but one other company's controller will do the job too. So, are there plans in the works or is there a plan in the works for a newer LOR controller?

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