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Opening Night Jitters


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Oh my gosh! Tonight is the first night of this year's display. This will be my third year (which I know makes me a virtual newbie :D ), but I have more butterflies this year than I did my first year! Wow!

For us, 80% of the setup happens the Fri/Sat after Thanksgiving, and everything is ahead of schedule. Last night (Friday) we had several cars drive up looking for the display!!!! That's never happened before!

I'm really excited about tonight! I feel like it's Christmas Eve! Now if I can just keep food down....

Wish me luck, and for those of you also firing up your display tonight, I hope all goes well, and the display looks as good in real life as it did on paper!!!! :D

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Good luck with the display. It is awesome to me that you still have those kind of feelings being in your third year. This is only my first and I am hoping I keep the feelings I have with these lights forever. :D
Again, good luck!!! cheers.gif


p.s. Just looked on Google Maps and if you weren't almost 3hrs away from me I'd probably get the family in the car and come on down. :D

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