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New to pixels, looking for help


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I am looking to venture into pixels for the first time next year with the introduction of (4) singing trees. From what I have seen, I like the EFL singing trees the best (files for the trees can be found here: EFL Singing Trees). I am trying to wrap my head around pixel controllers, IDs, channels, ad wiring... Could anyone confirm to me if my thinking is correct? I am looking at purchasing (1) PIxie16 controller using 3 ports per tree with (100) pixels per port (2-50 count strings), sound right?

I have imported the xmodel into LOR, but what I have created does not seem to be correct. I thought I would be adding an ID per port, three ports per tree. However, the prop only list 1 ID (1 row). How do I get the three that I am looking for? Here is my exported prop: Singing_Tree_EFL_1.lpeprop

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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I don't know what you are looking for - However that Prop file looks right. It shows 100 pixels (300 channels) on a single port on an RGB device.

The prop has Motion Effect rows set up that would allow you to do the programming of the various parts of the face.

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