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Looked through a few threads and was not sure where to start.

So did my first LOR 3 years ago with 1 16 Channel controller and about 10k in LED lights. Added 3 RGB large floods ( a bear to set up as one was defective) and have added another 5k lights and now bored. 

Have seen seveal Pixel shows and most are just to full blown and over the top. Did just see one in Fairfax, VA Cullen Light show that was just soooooooo clean and now want to add to my show. Have puchased most of my shows and have written a few, but way to time consuming as I just have not figured out the tricks.

Looking to start small and looking for suggestions and what I will need. Though of adding the tree, but might be a little to large to start with.

Welcome any suggestions.


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Here's one you can watch that is not too "over the top".  This is from the first year I did a music synchronized show.  If you check out my website (in the signature) there is quite a bit of details about how stuff was built.  A lot has changed since then.  And it's the only video I have posted...




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If you can afford a Pro license and think you will one day want to go big, I would recommend a Pro license level. Its a one time purchase. There are times when you may have to buy a software upgrade but those upgrades are your choice. You only have to buy the Pro level once.


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