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All lights on sequence?


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Hey all, I am totally new this year, running 2 controllers and a mini director with FM transmitter. I am now realizing that I should have gone with a regular director as the mini does not have an internal clock to allow me to run the shows at set intervals. As a temporary fix for this year, does anyone have any sequences with all the light on, or is that an easy sequence to quickly program? I know there are some fillers sequences, but the wife wants the lights all on between the shows. Looking for around 15 minutes of on, then I am running 15-18 minutes of random music, then 15 minutes of all lights on.


Thanks, in advance!

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I hope you find something but an all on seq is very easy to program. First, find music you want (if you want to play music) and put it all together in Audacity. Once you have it as one "string", save it as you mpg. Then bring it into sequencer and just turn on all blocks for all channels for the entire seq. Save and you are done. As and added piece, you can put a voice over in Audacity letting people know your show will start in 15 min, 10 min, 5min, etc at the proper points.  If you need more help email me.

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As Lightzilla stated you can put timers on them, I had thought about doing that with mine last year but chose not to. Here in Florida if a thunderstorm comes in and I am not home I don't want it running. What I thought about doing next year is adding another Kasa outdoor plug and using Alexa to turn it on.  All I would have to do is either:


A; set up a routine or several routines (based on the day)

B: Schedule it just like a timer

C: activate via "Alexa, turn on the light show"

D: turn all Kasa plugs that are used for the show on or off at the same time via the group in the Alexa (or Kasa) app


E: you can even geofence it so that when you arrive home it turns on


Pretty sure Google could do the same thing. The Kasa plugs are only ~$20. Just know that most multiple plug timers have a 15A limit


One more item you need to consider that I found out this year with the directors:

They get their power from the first controller "THAT TURNS ON", not necessarily the closest one. If you turn on a controller on the network that is further than 50' from the director before the closest one, you might get some wonkieness with the show. You also want to turn off the show with the closest controller to be the last one to turn off. This of course only matters if you are powering controllers on your network via different power circuits.

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