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Singing Tree Problem


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Running S5 5.6.10 Pro Trying to auto sequence 2 singing faces V1. Followed all steps in the Videos and the written. Keep getting Error: Failed to open file and lists a file V1.scb. I go to the location it says and the file is there. What am i doing wrong lol.

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I apologize, this is a known problem. When I put the enhanced singing face feature in S5 I forgot to put in the new clipboard files that support the feature. The files will be in the next release, but until then you will need to put the files in yourself. Attached are the missing files. Copy them to:

c:/ (your lightorama folder) / Superstar / Clipboards / System

SingingFacesSinglePixelImages_14Elements.scb SingingFacesSinglePixelImagesV2.1.scb SingingFacesSinglePixelImagesV2.scb SingingFacesMatrixImagesV2.scb

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