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Unable to launch the hardware utility on a Windows 11 desktop


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I receive the following message when attempting to run the Hardware Utility. I have been able to run this in the past without issue. I have tried to repair the installation, uninstall and reinstall. Nothing seems to work.


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That error message is misleading. There is nothing wrong with "HwSerial" - that component is built into the Hardware Utility.

Also, the Hardware Utility runs fine on the Windows 11 systems we have tested. That said, you are not the first person to report this error and we are working to find the root cause.

Have you applied all Windows updates? Are your Windows display drivers up to date?

If that doesn't fix it, please click the Windows start button and type "dxdiag". Run that tool and click the "Save All Information" button. Then attach the file it produced to a help desk ticket.

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