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Enhancement: Type selection for sliders


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When editing a Motion Effect, there are a bunch of sliders that in many cases have a very wide range of possible numbers.  If you need to specify an exact number, it can be VERY hard to get the exact desired number.  For example in the screen capture below, the Font Size slider ranges from 0 to 143 on a slider that was 30mm across.  Good luck at selecting an exact number.  Yes, you can make the Motion Effects Generator window as large as you have screen space - in my case I can span three large monitors so it was not a big problem, but for someone using a single monitor (think laptop), God help them.  Can we have the ability to type in the exact desired number please?



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Ran into that problem using laptop.  I was able to click on the slider and then use the arrow keys to get the right # I was looking for. 

I was using the latest V6.1.6   The setting will only let me show 6.1.4

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Well [Foul Language Used]-howdy!  That works.  Confirmed in 5.6.10.  Learn something new every day...



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