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70 mini amps


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Last year after Christimas I bought sets of 70 mini lights at Home Depot. I am using them on a mega tree. I was trying to figure out the amps for the 70 light strings. If 100 mini lights = .33 amps, will 70 mini lights = .23 amps? Basically 70% of .33 amps.

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I'd go by that assumption for mini incandescents, if the amperage isn't explicitly stated on the box.

Wanting to protect my controller investment, and being a bit OCD at times, I've followed the advice of several folks and invested in a Kill-a-Watt meter. Check each load before plugging into your controller and you can be sure you're within safe limits. Very useful addition to your toolbox.

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, there's a great controller load spreadsheet here: http://www.quartzhillchristmas.com/12.html


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