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Driving Me nuts


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This is my second year using a single controller, I am running on win xp.

Used it at halloween just fine but today I am hooking up my xmas show and the hardware controller will not control the lights, and when I run a sequence it does not turn on most of the lights one or two will occasionally blink? In the hardware controller I can config comm port, I can refresh and it located the unit, light in the controller is solid, I have seperate power cords, I have 120v on either side of the fuses? AHHHHHHH I feel like clark griswald???

Do not know what to try next?


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Hey Justin,

Just a thought... Have you verified that the channel assignments in the sequence editor are set to the correct controller/channel? I spent 2 hours this afternoon tracking down a problem with my display where 2 channels just would not light in the sequences. It truns out that last year I had hardware problems with those 2 channels, and reassigned them to different channels, but never updated my master worksheets or the labels on the wires.

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Actually that was one of the first things I checked, I just walked away from my usual thanksgiving tradition of lighting the lights after dinner, and will try it again tommorrow. I am wondering if something is wrong with either my controller itself or the cable? Giving intermitent connections?

I will be able to better troubleshoot tommorrow when I am not so rushed.

at least tonight we can light the santa clause


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