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Unit/Channel behavior confirmation

Al Saunders

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Hey Guys, 

I know NORMALLY we do not want two controllers with the same unit id number but I know if they are they will have the same effect. Previously I had the first 7 channels of the 16 channel pro (metal) controllers but channels 1-3 are about 40 feet from channels 4-7. I recently got a 4 channel ELL controller and plan to use the 3 channels for my Mega tree 3 channel star. Then have the same 16 channel pro controller controlling 4 bells on channels 4-7. My question I'd like confirmation on is if both of these controllers are the same unit id and the 4 channel controller doesn't have channel 4 plugged into anything but the 16 channel one does, will the effects for channel 4 work fine on the 16 channel controller? I'm thinking the hardware doesn't care and the software will send the same info to both controllers. Am I correct in my thinking? I'd rather not have to go into my sequences I will run this year and rework the sequences. If it matters, I'm still on S4 Pro license level. 

Have a blessed day and stay safe.

Happy lighting! 


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With the hardware and set up you are running, all commands go out to all controllers. The controller(s) ignore commands that are not for them.

The controller without anything plugged into Channel 4 won't care (or know) that nothing is plugged in, but it will still send the command to that (empty) channel.

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I have been using the same UID on controllers since I started with analog and now with pixels. I do this so I can easily get coverage on my entire home and yard where I am just mirroring or copying each side. Example - my 2 pixel trees are are on the exact same unit iD

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