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Changing a prop from traditional to RGB


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I am slowly changing my traditional lights from traditional to RGB.  Is there a way to change a prop from traditional to RGB once it has been sequenced without loosing the sequencing.  My thoughts are since I spent a lot of time sequencing a prop,  I would like to keep the sequencing and then just go in and tweak it a little bit, but at least I would have a general sequence already laid out that I like.  I did try to modify a prop and after editing it and making it RGB, I lost the sequence for that prop.   I was able to re-sequence the prop but before I try anything else, I thought I would ask how others do it, if it's possible.

I had another idea to try but before I do more damage-

Let's say I have a prop named Frosty....

If I were to create a copy of the Frosty prop and then name it Temp prop, then copy the sequence of Frosty to the temp prop, modify the Frosty prop as an RGB(smart), and then copy the sequence in the temp prop back to Frosty.   Would this work or is there a simpler way?


Thank you.

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I have posted this up several times.

You can copy and paste a non RGB prop into an RGB by opening the RGB sequence rows into the individual R/G/B colors. Copy the non RGB sequence into the three colors in any combination as to what you want your final color to be. Then close that R/G/B channels and copy the colored RGB row as many times as you have nodes. 

For example, if you have your Frosty Prop and the outline is 100 nodes, you would have to copy that 1 RGB row 99 times "below". That can be done n the "paste special" selection in Sequencer.

The same can be done from RGB to non RGB as well however a little more creativity may be involved. Open the RGB rows and copy the row with the most color R/G or B and paste. Then in your working sequence find the missing parts. Go to the next color and copy paste in to the missing parts until your sequence is full.

Best of luck


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That's what I do, make a copy of the file, renamed to T-Santa for the item in the sequence I'm working on to convert to RGB, and then I use the paste special options to copy and paste into the RGB channel color I want the prop to be using JR's method.  It's the quickest way to do it, and you still have the original sequence in case you foul up.  And believe me, I've fouled up a lot when first doing this, at least the first 2 or 3 times I goofed up the copy, but once you get the hang of it, you'll find it gets easier and easier to do.

I use the same T{emp}-{sequence item} I'm working on, so when I finish with Santa, I just rename the T-Santa sequence to the next item I want to change, like T-MrsClaus, T-Snowwoman, etc. etc., that way I don't have a lot of extra temporary sequences taking up space.  And once all items have been changed over to their RGB set-up, I delete the temp sequence I used for the conversion process.   Just how I do it.

But each sequencer has their own methodology, just do it however you are the most comfortable with, but always on a copy, and test the copy to be sure it's what you want before committing it to the actual sequence.


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When I did that before, I made a new Preview with the new RGB prop, but without the old non-RGB prop.

When I assigned a sequence to the new Preview, the old prop didn't match, so it was added as an archive prop.

I copied the old (archive) prop to the same view as the new RGB prop and moved them next to each other. Then it was easy to copy/paste between them. This avoid the trouble of opening up 2 sequences (old and new) and switching back and forth.

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