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LOR160xW series one channel not working


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While working on one of my inherited shows, however one channel of the controller isn't working, the other 15 work fine.  I tested the cord to to the element with a constant power source and it works fine.  I wanted to test the board output with a multi-meter to see if it is the board or maybe the plug form the controller was bad, but due to the ribbon cable for the display can't pull the from off enough to test.  Can the ribbon cable be disconnected for the controller or display for it to still function or is their some other way to troubleshoot this issue?


Thanks in advance.

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If only 1 channel out of 15 is not working, and it has been tested with the hardware utility (to eliminate problems with the Preview or the sequence), then it's a hardware problem, most like a triac (which can be replaced with disassembly and a soldering iron).

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