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Safe and Well - Missed the bullet, Hurricane Nicole in Florida


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Well, my wife, myself and our 15 cats made it through the storm that came 43 days after Hurricane IAN hit us back at the end of September.  We never lost power during Hurricane/Tropical Storm Nicole either.  The only damage we sustained was a bit of wind damage to the skirting around the house and I had to snap a few vinyl siding pieces back into place.  But nothing really expensive or costly to fix, just a little elbow grease and a small bit of work for the skirting.

Seems those folks on the East coast lost quite a few homes that were built right along the seawall, which Hurricane Ian had already severely damaged, and now much of the seawall is totally gone, and the high tides, winds and such have eaten out the foundation under these homes, and they are collapsing into the Atlantic Ocean, and they are still expecting many, many more, including some condominiums to eventually break apart and fall in as well.  A few business have been severely damaged and portions of them are about to slide on down and into the Atlantic Ocean as well.

I remember when Florida started allowing folks to build on these locations when I was younger, Floridians at the time begged the state NOT to allow homes, hotels and the like to be built right on the Atlantic oceanfront, that in the long haul this would be the tragic results of it.  Fortunately, as far as we know, all these homes were evacuated and no one was in any of them.  But I recall the protests about allowing homes and businesses NOT be allowed to build so close and block the view, and, at the time, free access to the beach of the Atlantic Ocean.   Sadly, and as usual, the greedy developers and the politicians permitted this to happen, destroying what was once a beautiful coastline of Florida.   And these folks want to rebuild homes on land that is now washed away into the Atlantic Ocean?   If I were the State of Florida, no way would I let anyone, after this huge fiasco, ever build along those areas ever again, just to have a repeat performance years later.   But, as par for the course, greed will usually win out.  Sad, but true.

Anyway, just wanted to let folks know we came through okay.

How about the rest of the folks in Florida that are LOR users, how well did you fare out in Hurricane/Tropical Storm Nicole?


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