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Specific Calendar Day Shows?


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In S5 scheduler you could specify shows on specific days which would over ride the everyday schedule...are there plans for this feature coming back in S6?

My scenario is I leave flood and roof lights up all all year and normal days the flood lights are just white at night, but during Holidays (like Veterans day) I have them red, white, and blue.

Ken J.

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It already exists.  

When you create the show, on the Schedule section > Dates & Times you can create the time and also dates, a date range, and days of the week.  Play with it a little to make sure you understand how is works.  I ran into a small issue where it ended one day earlier than I expected.  If I remember right, the end date is actually midnight at the beginning of the date specified.  In other words, if you set July 4th as the end date, it will play the last time on July 3rd.  Confirm that, but I think that was what it did.


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Correct...except that I have to do:
- 'White Flood' show 20 June - 3 July
- 'Patriotic' show 4 July - 4 July
- 'White Flood' show 5 July - 9 Oct
- 'Columbus' show 10 Oct - 10 Oct
- 'White Flood' show 11 Oct - 9 Nov

Was just easier in S5 where you could do one show all the time and have another trump it on specific days.  Hence asking if there was any plans to do the same in S6...if not it will just be a day of 'programming' to get it set up for 2023.


Ken J.

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In S6, shows with a shorter date range take precedence over ones with a wider date range. So if you had your White Flood show scheduled every day, all year long, the Patriotic Show and Columbus shows would take precedence on those specific days.

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