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Window Frame kit

Eddie Hanebuth

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I purchased a window frame kit from LOR,  It comes with two Pixie4s.   And 8 50 count RGB Light,  The window requires 3-strands of 50 to go all the way around.  So, the window frame used 150 Smart RGB Lights,  This is with in the 510 max pixels(as I understand it)   When I set the first one up and tested it one the first two 50 RGB lights work.  but not the third Here is my set up page   I have S6.1.2 Pro.  

Window frame setup page V1.jpg

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HU can be used to Test (in this case port 1, use the button below that to turn on.

if you have strings on other ports, change the port #

64 Is the base address (port1) 65,66,67 are the remaining ports on that card

💡 You can speed up the 'Refresh' on your layout by reducing the Max ID to only include the highest (+port. 67 if this is the highest.)

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1 hour ago, Eddie Hanebuth said:

I changed the hardware utility to look for 150 pixels per port to no effect

WindowFrame Hardware Utility v2.jpg

At the Bottom of that window - Hit the "Config" button > "*** Pixie Config" Button > "Advanced" set Pixels to 170 > save.....

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