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Looking for the old CCR150 Cosmic Color Ribbons

Jim P.

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Did you look in the legacy/discontinued products section of the LOR store? They use to have some older discontinued lights in there.

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I had to order some generic ones from amazon two years ago or so?   Only problem I had was changing the order of the colors, and I figured that out.


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I have one and only one. I was just about to figure out where to place it this year. It has been used multiple years with no issues. PM me with a reasonable offer plus shipping

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The original CCR's used 6803 ICs, so any 6803 IC strip should work.

Here's one on aliexpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32776779371.html At under $20 CAD with free shipping for 5m it seems like a good deal.

Use search terms like: "5M 6803 IC 5050 150 led IP67 RGB strips" on whatever site you like.

You might have to change the colour handling order, as sometimes these strips will be something like BRG.

Another note is that I believe all of the CCR150's are 12v units, but I have heard in the past that some of the really old ones may be 5v? So just something to keep in mind.

EDIT: I think the only 5v stuff was the older cosmic colour pixels and bulb strings (CB100D), never the strips.

Hope this helps.

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canadianchristmas is correct. The original CCR's were LPD6803 chips but they included their own power supply and RS485 interface. No clue where LOR got their's from as I bought a bunch of LPD6803 strips. Strange that many had issues and yes, still using them for my pixel tree but this single CCR, still works and no issues ever.

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