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Heat Sinks for CTB24D


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I have an older CTB24D (RGB DC) controller, and I would like to run about 6 amps thru a few of the channels.  According to the manual, the max current without a heat sink is 4 amps, so to get the extra current I planned to add heat sinks onto those 3 transistors (MOSFETs?).  Alas, I have tried 3 different styles of TO-220 type heat sinks and none of them fit because 1) the transistors are too close to each other, and 2) they are too close to the board.  Does anyone know of some heat sinks that WILL fit?

Plan B is to remove the transistors/MOSFETs, and replace them with higher current ones on some short wires so that I can attach them to a large heat sink mounted beside the board, but of course that is way more work, and I like to KISS.  (Yes, I know the tabs are 'hot' and I need insulators)

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The low tech way would be to take about a two inch piece of all-thread of whatever the largest size that fits through the hole (#8 would be my guess).  Center the all-thread through the hole in the FET.  On each side of the FET put a flat washer and nut.  Tighten against the FET heat sink tab.  A short distance out the all-thread, put another nut, large washer and nut.  Do that on both sides.  It looks goofy, but works reasonably well.  If you need to do this with adjacent FETs, you can stagger the outside large washers a bit so they don't touch.

On the CMB24D, there are some of the FETs that may be harder to do this with due to the output wiring connection strips.  Work around them as best you can.


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There are TO-220 wing style heat sinks, but you can not use them side by side. with the layout on the CMB24

You might just rearrange your High current loads to accommodate the spacing.

Also consider putting those closer to the feed points

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