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5.6.10 Snowflake prop - no channels or visual


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Got some snowflakes during the sale and got the latest S5 (5.6.10), which I believe supports them.  I was able to choose the shape but that's about the extent and it shows as a prop in the design - but there's no corresponding object on the visual, but maybe I don't have all the inputs right - I tried defining the spokes but am unable to get it to show the prop on the display and or populate any channels in the definition.  It's like it's not saving my spoke definition?  Can anyone share these screens on your successful implementation?  Or other feedback appreciated...




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SWEET!  This option seemed to create everything in place...  channels/motion effect rows.  I was able to control all the light through the Hardware Utility.  However, still not quite there...  The lights don't come on during playback...  I have a simple "On" on the effect row of the entire quad...



Anything else to try/test?  Suggestions?



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Verify Unit ID in Prop Definition vs your actual Controller -

also control panel has to be running and control lights must be enabled

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That got it!...  I only have the one controller connected right now so I also needed to uncheck the other COM...  anyways, I think I'm good to go, thanks! 



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