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16x50 tree to be transformed into a 24x50 matrix


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Hi guys. First of all a big and affectionate greeting to all of you, from Pierpaolo happy grandfather from Italy. I am sure that you are going crazy with your installations, as indeed I am every year, when you think about making or using new things. I don't know if they are in the right section, but in the meantime I ask, in case they move it, I think. I'm trying to use 6.1.2, I'll use 5.6.8 if it goes wrong, but the situation doesn't change. If possible, I would like to duplicate the sequence that is on a 16x50 tree to copy it to a 24x50 matrix, but I don't have the .sup file, can I do it ??? If so, how do I do it? Anyone help me ??? As always, I send you a big hello and thank you for existing men with an easy shock ;-)

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You can use the "Move or Scale Selected Effects" feature in superstar.

do "insert superstar effect" on the motion effect row to your 24x50 matrix

open the 16x50 sequence

click on the Edit menu and choose "Select All"

click on the Tools menu and select "Move or Scale Selected Effects"

click on scale, set the following:

source width = 16    dest width = 24

source height = 50   dest height = 50

click on Ok

This should stretch all of the effects to fit onto your 24x50 matrix


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On 31/10/2022 at 01:21, BrianBruderer said:

Puoi usare la funzione "Sposta o ridimensiona gli effetti selezionati" in superstar.

fai "inserire l'effetto superstar" sulla riga dell'effetto di movimento nella tua matrice 24x50

apri la sequenza 16x50

fai clic sul menu Modifica e scegli "Seleziona tutto"

fai clic sul menu Strumenti e seleziona "Sposta o ridimensiona gli effetti selezionati"

fare clic su scala, impostare quanto segue:

larghezza sorgente = 16 larghezza destinazione = 24

altezza della sorgente = 50 altezza della destinazione = 50

fare clic su Ok

Questo dovrebbe allungare tutti gli effetti per adattarsi alla tua matrice 24x50


Sorry, but I honestly can't. If I open SS, the 16x50 file won't let me open it because it's not .sup. I have the 16x50 sequence in .lms, and in the 16x50 sequence it was done line by line because I couldn't import the trees well into the sequencer. I know a little bit tared ahahaha.

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With only the .lms file you would have to do the following:

Create a Preview that has a Prop for a 16x50 tree and make it have the same unit IDs as your .lms sequence file.

Create a different Preview that has a Prop for your 24x50 tree

Launch the S6 Sequence and open the .lms file and give it the Preview that has a Prop in it for your 16x50 tree

Create a musical sequence using the Preview that has a Prop in it for your 24x50 tree

Copy/paste the ribbons as follows:

16x50 tree     24x50 tree

1                    1

1                    2

2                   3

3                    4

3                    5

4                    6

5                    7

5                    8

6                    9

7                    10

7                    11

8                   12

9                   13

9                    14

10                  15

11                   16

11                   17

12                   18

13                   19

13                   20

14                   21

15                   22

15                   23

16                   24


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I'm trying but I'm not good, so if you allow me I will ask you some questions about it to remove my doubts.

when you say: Create a preview that has a Prop for a 16x50 tree and make it have the same unit IDs as your .lms sequence file, I generate the tree prop directly with the preview, the one that creates all by itself, or do I have to redo it by hand as in the one of my actual sequence ?? Identical question for for the matrix. Hello and thanks

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the assumption is your Matrix is 24 Wide by 50 Tall...

You do not have the SuperStar.sup file - so you can't "Scale" the image...

So what is being suggested is the you create a Preview with both a 16x50 and 24x50 - then copy the strings from 16x50 to the 16x50 (as above)

If your Matrix is 50 Wide by 24 Tall - that will not work....

Some vendors list a 24x50 for a Horizontal Matrix size - But width by height - is the common terminology

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When you make a Preview for the 16x50 tree you should be able to use one of the standard props. The important thing is that the unit IDs for each ribbon/string be the same as the .lms file because that is how the Sequencer knows what to do with the .lms file. It matches channels and unit IDs

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