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LOR network drivers


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I've only explained this to people a jillion times, so not expecting to have this problem myself.

Today I am moving my show from my file server (what runs the landscaping show most of the year) to my show computer.  Normally this is nothing more than moving the three USB cables and shutting down LOR on one computer and starting LOR on the other.  A little more complex this time because of updating the show computer to Windows 10 (update, not clean install).  Because of a few other domain changes, there were some Windows tasks to deal with, but that is all resolved.  Also updated LOR from 5.6.8 to 5.6.10.  However, no matter what I do, I can't get the Hardware Utility to find any devices on the AuxA network (essentially all of the show).  The HU does find the one non-enhanced network, and sees the InputPup on that network.  If I start the Control Panel, the Comm Listener starts and it properly shows which comm ports are which networks (for the two Enhanced networks), but if I walk out and look at controllers, NONE (enhanced or non-enhanced) are getting a solid light.

As troubleshooting, I went into the Windows Device Manager and deleted the three LOR network comm ports, installed the LOR device driver from a fresh download from the LOR download page..  This should not have been needed since LOR was installed prior to the Win 10 upgrade.  Computer has been rebooted, and shut down repeatedly.  The Device Manager correctly shows the comm ports coming and going if unplugged and replaced.

The two E1.31 controllers are showing that all nine E1.31 universes are sending data.

What did I miss?


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Resolved - Layer 1 issue!

In my data cabinet, I have my three USB to RS-485 adapters zip tied together and zip tied to the middle wall of the cabinet.  The three USB cables route to the left in the photo below and loop back to the right below the adapters - you can just barely see them at the bottom of the photo.  They route to a four port powered USB hub that is plugged into either the show computer or the file server - depending on which one is running the show.   The three Cat-5 cables drop down a few inches and into a conduit (the blue arrow) that takes them to a cable management tray on the front side of the cabinet and then up to conduit to get eventually to the front yard.  The conduit also contains several other cables.  As part of some clean up of wiring, the two Ethernet connections to the show computer were replaced and now route through that conduit.  Apparently when pulling the two Cat-5 cables, I bumped the RJ-45 for the Comm port 4 (the Aux-A network) and the connector backed out just enough from the USB to RS-485 adapter (the yellow arrow).  Comm 5 (the Aux-B network) wont have any controllers for a couple more weeks, so no controllers were expected there.

Because I was doing a bunch of software stuff, I had just assumed it was a software issue.  I did not even look at the cables until I moved it back to the server, and it also could not find the controllers on the Aux-A network.  So people, remember to check the obvious !




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A similar thing happened to me last year, but the culprit was a broken clip on the RJ45 plug.

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